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Petzl - I'D Evac

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Petzl's safest industrial descender with anti-panic function has been adapted for lowering from an anchor.

On the Evac, the lowering handle has been turned the opposite way to the standard I'D, meaning when lowering from an anchor, the handle is pulled more easily downwards than upwards such as on the I'D. There is also a friction hitch to increase control when dealing with heavy loads.

In light of this, the JAG system has now been revised with the I'D Evac replacing the standard I'D.

  • Handle positioning allows for releasing the rope and control of descent speed and then locking securely once in position. Storage position allows for reduced size when not in use.
  • Anti-panic function locks off device preventing further descent in case of user pulling handle fully open.
  • Anti-error catch ensures that rope is loaded correctly without interrupting general use.
  • In addition handle located button allows for easier movement on shallow angle terrain.
  • Safety gate at connection means that device is not disconnected from user and as such cannot be dropped.when loading or passing anchor points.
  • In conjunction with Ascender and Foot loop, short climbs of rope are possible.
  • Loads up to 250kg(small) can be performed by expert users.
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